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Hallweld Bennet appointed Australian distributors for a German product range that´s cleaning up in Europe !

Hallweld Bennett appointed Australian distributors for a German product range that’s cleaning up in Europe!

Hallweld has announced its appointment as distributor for a range of concrete equipment cleaners produced by respected German company LEYCO CHEMISCHE LEYDE.

Hallweld Sales Manager, Carl Wildman, says that LEYCO “spray-on” concrete equipment cleaners have proved to be extremely successful in Europe because they “do everything they claim to do. The products that we’re handling have been developed for the concrete industry in conjunction with the concrete industry. The result is superior products that honestly save big dollars for those involved in the making, transporting and usage of concrete. They dramatically cut cleaning and maintenance times, and because there’s no need for the primitive hammer and chisel treatment they protect valuable equipment, reduce worker injuries and thus present a far better bottom-line.”
Products are also highly biodegradable, use no dangerous solvents or heavy metals, contain corrosion inhibitors and can safely be used on rubber, glass and painted surfaces.
Two products in particular have a special relevance for Australian conditions:

ZE-KA-FIX quickly and thoroughly cleans concrete from equipment and tools. It is applied with either brush or sprayer and immediately it hits the surface you can see it attacking the cement. The product is chloride-free, has no adverse effect on concrete and will not cause corrosion within the concrete. It will not damage surfaces meaning there’s less maintenance and repainting. And hard physical chipping and scrapping is a thing of the past. The manufacturer claims it to be very economical as it can be diluted with up to 10 parts water.
It clearly has applications on building sites, in ready-mix plants or within precast factories.


ZETOLAN-MEK Plus is a completely new “spray-on” protection and maintenance system that’s active on hard existing concrete deposits but harmless to fresh concrete. It penetrates and removes hardened concrete layer by layer and at the same time helps prevent the formation of new deposits. Applied at the end of the working day ZETOLAN-MEK Plus works overnight readying equipment for the morning start. Again hard physical cleaning is averted and cleaning times can be cut by up to 50%.

The product is ideal for the cleaning and protection of mixers, trucks, pumps and anywhere that concrete adhesion is a problem.

Another product of interest is LEYCO®-SLICK…the quickest and easiest way to prime a pump. It can be used with any type of concrete pump and is “friendly” to concrete. LEYCO-SLICK comes in ready-to-use pouches and is a unique compound of high performance components which offer superlative cost reductions by saving time and by protecting pumps and pipes. It’s effective, economical and environmentally safe.

For further information on these products contact Carl Wildman at Hallweld Bennett Pty Ltd, phone 08 8347 0800 or email:



























Biodegradable protective agent for the concrete industry

Cologne (BFT). - The LEYCO Chemische Leyde GmbH
is celebrating its 40th birthday this year. In a new programme which was specially launched for the construction industry, biodegradable products are offered to complement the practically proven compounds...more



Cifa and Leyde for the protection
of all construction site equipment

Thanks to the agreement signed by Cifa and the German company LeycoChem Leyde, the cleaning and the protection of your construction site equipment is no longer a problem.
The vast range of Leyde products, which is now available at all Cifa Centers, offers a particularly efficient means of solving the problems related to the maintenance of the transport trucks, the mixing and the pumping of the concrete. These are special products tested to guarantee
a thorough cleaning of the parts of the machine prone getting dirty with dust or concrete.
Your truck-mounted pumps, truck mixers and truck-mixer pumps will always be completely clean and protected.


The LeycoChem Leyde products do not ruin the metal nor the plastic parts and they guarantee the ideal treatment for the body of your trucks.
They also offer the maximum security for the operator.
Look for LeycoChem Leyde products at the Cifa Centers. You will find the best solution for all your needs.