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Tools and Equipment - The BETONAC-BRUSH



Our acid-resistant brushes have been especially designed for cleaning concrete pumps and vehicles that transport concrete. Their unique advantage is that they hold the liquid cleaning agent in the bristles.

The brushes really save you money!

Experience has shown and studies reveal that up to 90% of a liquid cleaning agent gets wasted on the way from the bucket to the surface on which it is meant to be applied. It pours onto the ground unused.

Lets do some quick sums:
Ten litres of water containing concentraded cleaning agent costs
4 Euros


% Wasted cleaning agent

Cost of Wasted cleaning agent
(on the floor)
Cost of Saved cleaning agent (on the surface)
 Normal   Brush

90 %
3,60 Euro
0,40 Euro
 BETONAC  brush

40 %
1,60 Euros
2,40 Euros

Thus six times more product reaches the surface you want to clean when you use a BETONAC BRUSH

If you can think of anywhere in your company where by spending 20 Euros, you can make a six-fold saving on your direct costs - let us know and we will send you a Betonac brush absolutely free !!!